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Ballet is an extremely elegant form of classical performance dance originating during the Italian Renaissance and into the fifteenth century in Spain and France. Over time it has become a highly technical and popular form of dancing with its many vocabulary and complex moves. Ballet comes from two words, the two words ballet and dance are synonymous. Ballet was developed as a response to the popularity of opera and in answer to the lack of female roles in classical drama. Opera was all about female lead characters so ballet was designed to be an equal-opportunity affair for both male and female dancers.

In the early history of ballet, shoes were very limited and therefore the dancers had very specific footwear for each step and each particular technique. As time progressed, shoes were added to the arsenal of ballet dance gear. The first shoes were thick and heavy, which were intended for heavy, powerful dancers who also performed long, elaborate gestures. Shoes at this time were usually made of leather, canvas and a combination of other materials. Today’s ballet shoes are much more streamlined and have intricate designs and unique features such as full sole and split sole.

The first ballets were not specifically choreographed by male dancers but rather female dancers. This was because the point of ballet was to entertain both audiences and the male dancers themselves. Male dancers practiced their technique in their homes instead of going to theatrical performances, hence the term ‘ballet trousse’.

Ballet developed as a professional sport, when the French Revolution happened. When the French revolution happened, the nobility, the elite people of the French society, were suddenly divided into two groups; one group was completely eliminated and another group was empowered and became the new government. They immediately began a new era of dramatic art and beautiful costumes which was soon to shape the future of ballet. The next several centuries brought revolutionary changes in terms of design and choreography as well as different dance movements. In the late 19th century, with the development of new materials such as nylon and Lycra, the style of Ballet became more flexible and more complex.

During the early part of the twentieth century, Ballet began to gain popularity in the middle class America where it became an important part of theatrical events. It gained more popularity especially when more famous people began to perform. Thus, with such growing popularity, the Italian renaissance courts started to see the value of ballet dance.

After several decades of development and changes, Ballet reached a high level of popularity during the early part of the 20th century. With the increasing popularity, Ballet became a highly respected art form. Nowadays Ballet dancers are very well known worldwide. Ballet is the most popular and most famous kind of ballet dance in the world. Ballet continues to grow and adapt so that it can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere.

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